We connect people from Germany and Belgium through cultural exchange.

Creative Thinking

We establish close ties among people from Belgium and Germany by facilitating and promoting creative products and services and acting as initiators of cultural, economic and sociocultural projects.

By providing new experiences, new impressions and unexpected perspectives, we inspire and enhance mutual curiosity and an interest in both cultures. We fulfil our mission on three levels.

It is our ambition to convey a complete picture of the cultural behaviours and achievements of our two neighbouring countries and to establish contacts among numerous cultural communities. Therefore, we initiate and co-organise music events, theatre and dancing performances as well as exhibitions of fine arts in Germany and in Belgium.

Did you ever have the impression of experiencing the spirit of a country? We can make those experiences happen, as the impression of a country’s lifestyle can often be conveyed in a playful and inviting manner. This is why we encourage the culinary, sporting and folkloristic exchange among cultural communities living in Belgium and in Germany. There is hardly any quicker and more convenient way of familiarizing oneself with a country.

The term ‚innovation‘ is one of the keywords of our times. And economic exchange between countries has always been of crucial significance for their relations. Consequently, it is our aim to support young entrepreneurs in exploring and seizing new opportunities in Germany and Belgium. We are networked with the Belgian and German start-up community and can contribute to transferring innovation across national borders.

Our Values

We at „to BE or not to BE” are convinced that good cooperation and a harmonious coexistence must be based on interpersonal relations. Thus, it is our intention to help Belgians and Germans to enter into a dialogue with each other by establishing an intercultural exchange.

We carry out our mission in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in Europe i.e. in Belgium and Germany and with our core values, such as professionalism, independence, integrity, reliability, honesty and discretion.

We dedicate ourselves to the interests of our customers/clients while maintaining the necessary professional distance. Thus, consulting services and recommendations are always unbiased and objective. Moreover, in our assignments we avoid conflicts of interests.

Upcoming public events

01-11-2019, 07:00 p.m.: An evening of Belgian jazz with Frank Vaganée, Dré Pallemaerts & Jos Machtel
Where? Hessian State Chancellery, Wiesbaden

02-11-2019 11:45 p.m.: Lucas Leidinger & Daniel Daemen on the occasion of the Museum Night Cologne
Where? Belgisches Haus, Cologne


Contact us, if you are…

  • a cultural initiative interested in the culture of Belgium/Germany.
  • a creative artist and wish to share your message across national borders.
  • a company that wants to enhance networking or become more familiar with Belgium/Germany.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us even if you simply wish to start a conversation with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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